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West Yorkshire Tuning provide market leading quality and 100% custom remaps for all vehicles developed on our calibrated in house 4WD rolling road (dyno). Every vehicle has the ECU fully read for the original stock map and saved as a backup, the maps are then analysed in house by our own skilled tuners with 10 years expirience in the tuning industry. We modify the maps to suit your individual vehicle, once the maps have been modified to suit your vehicle for optimum performance and economy they are written back to your ECU (Engine Control Unit). All our tuning is unique as to the customers indivdual vehicle and requirements. All modifications are taken into account when mapping.

Below is the following work we carry out:

•Petrol N/A Engine Remapping

•Diesel N/A Engine Remapping

•Turbo Diesel Engine Remapping

•Turbo/Supercharged Petrol Engine Remapping

•DSG Gearbox Remapping

•BMW Gearbox Remapping

•DPF/CAT Removal Software

•Adblue Removal Software

•EGR Removal Software

•Swirl Flap Removal Software

•DTC Error Codes Mapped Out (P Codes)

•Launch Control Mapping

•Pop & Bang Mapping

•Speed Limiter Removal

•Rev Limiters Removal

•Hardcut/Popcorn Limiters Mapped

We are genuine fully licenced tuners with only the best genuine tools and remapping software used! We do not use any cloned machines or buy in any maps, everything we do is genuine and done in house by our trained technicians! Having such genuine tools allows us to remap 90% of vehicles on the market via the OBD port, meaning the ECU does not have to be removed showing no signs of the remapping having taken place! We also do have the facility on site to do bench mapping for any vehicle which may require the ECU to be removed.